We Adopted an Elephant!!

We Adopted an Elephant!!


Wow…  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you have joined our Elephant Spirit herd.

As you know, the mission of Elephant Spirit is to raise money to help elephants living in sanctuaries.

We’ve been donating to sanctuaries around the world since we launched. My goal for March 2019 was to raise enough to ‘adopt’ an orphaned elephant from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa.

And… you made it happen!!  Saturday, I was tallying up all of the sales and calculating our donation fund, and we were SO close… then, yesterday morning I opened my email and found that we had made a big sale (thank you Jo!) and it pushed us over the mark!!!

So…  this afternoon, WE (me, you, all of us are part of this!) Adopted a Baby Elephant!!

I’d like you to meet Larro.  I chose her because this is our March donation, and Larro was born a year ago in March!  She was found wandering without a herd in January, and after keeping an eye on her for a couple of days to see if she would be found by her herd, Larro was taken in by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and is being cared for by the Nairobi Nursery Unit.

Let me back up a minute — The mission of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) is to care for orphaned elephants, rhinos, and giraffes.  These animals are orphaned by poachers killing their mothers and sometimes by what they call human-wildlife conflicts.

Although the vets are not certain how Larro came to be orphaned, in November there was an incident in the same area where Larro was found. A female elephant who had been arrowed, panicked and fell down a steep ravine, resulting in a broken spine.  Unable to move, the vets who found her euthanized her. She was a lactating female, but her dependent calf was no where to be found.  

It is possible that Larro was her calf, given that her body condition was consistent with an elephant baby of that age being without mum for many weeks. It is possible that Larro remained with the herd until she became to weak to keep up with them.

Larro has now been with SWT for 3 months and is getting stronger and making friends with the other baby elephants.

You can watch her rescue in the short video below.

Also, I’ll be sharing monthly updates of what is going on with her, so together we can watch her grow!

Thank you again for your support of Elephant Spirit!  

This is why we do what we do!!

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