About Us

When I was three years old, my dad (who think's he's funny asking a three-yeard old this question) turned to me and said “Gaylene, I am going to the store. Can I get you something?”

Apparently, I pondered the question for a moment, and then thoughtfully responded with: “Bring me… an ELEPHANT!”  (Dad drove around an extra 45 minutes until he found an elephant to bring home to his daughter).

From that moment on, I collected elephants.

A couple yeas ago, a local boutique had a fundraiser to send a volunteer to work with Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand. It occurred to me then, that I could use my love of elephants to help actual elephants.

In order to raise money to help elephant sanctuaries, I created ELEPHANT SPIRIT: elephant-themed Clothing, Jewelry and Art.

My passion in life is to save the world — I know that I cannot do it alone, so I use my talents and skills to support others who ARE saving the world.

   -- Gayle Gallagher
Founder, Elephant Spirit


Baby Elephant Toy